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Extreme tires and auto repair helps reduce harmful emissions from your exhaust system. This not only protects the environment, but also protects you and your passengers. Air pollution is a problem that we should all try to combat by doing whatever’s necessary to make our vehicles as eco-friendly as possible.

By bringing your car to Extreme tires and auto repair you can receive thorough exhaust system maintenance that keeps your vehicle’s interior air quality safe. We protect you and your passengers from the harmful toxins created during your vehicle’s combustion process.

Hazardous fumes can seep into the cabin of your car through vents which can be dangerous to you and your passengers. Let us take care of your exhaust system’s piping and components to ensure safe driving.

Servicing Your Muffler–Protecting the Environment

Our Certified technicians are highly trained and experienced at performing all muffler repair services. We can enhance your vehicle’s performance by monitoring the quality and condition of your exhaust system. Our team can identify and correct anything affecting the overall efficiency of your exhaust, including service to catalytic converters.

Without proper monitoring, a faulty exhaust system can affect your vehicle’s gas mileage. You will not only notice increased spending at the gas pump, but you may also fail any emission standards for your vehicle.

If your vehicle’s exhaust system is preventing you from passing a mandatory emissions test, then you should bring it directly to the experts at Extreme tires and auto repair. Our techs can service any exhaust system’s pipe layout and fix any problems correctly the first time. 


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