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Extreme tires and auto repair is the repair facility you need when your vehicle has lost the ability to crank the engine. The charging system is how your ignition gets the power to turnover. A fully-charged battery can supply the starter motor with current to start the motor, but after several years on the road the battery will wear down. The quiet clicking sound you hear instead of a roaring engine means you need charging system repair service. We provide the necessary battery repairs or replacements for your vehicle. This also includes all the components that start and maintain your engine and battery power, such as the alternator and starter. Although the charging system failure is something that catches owners off guard, it never has to be an interruption to your morning. Make sure you have the qualified technicians at Extreme tires and auto repair provide a thorough inspection about every sixth months or so. Being proactive is the key to making sure you are never without the battery power to start your car. Drivers who bring their vehicles in for routine maintenance will never come out in the morning to a surprise. Our technicians will let you know the condition of your vehicle’s charging system before anything goes wrong. We’ll identify the early signs of a failing alternator or battery and perform the appropriate battery repair or replacement services.

Routine Charging System Repairs & Maintenance

Turning the key in your ignition, and only getting a click, a choking sound, or silence is a horrible feeling. Your vehicle’s startup needs to automatic and reliable every time you get behind the wheel. That’s what our team promises with our routine charging system maintenance services. Extreme tires and auto repair team performs accurate tests that will give you the true condition of your battery, alternator, and starter. Any other parts that affect your charging system, like your drive belt, will also be serviced or replaced during our routine maintenance services. To enhance your vehicle’s overall performance, you must make sure the charging system is operating properly. Our team is determined to keep you off the side of the road and to ensure that you receive the best starting and charging system services in this area. Our customers trust our expertise and our service guarantee. We believe in worry-free auto services, and our top quality guarantee gives you complete assurance that you’re receiving the best!


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