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Quality brake repair service should be every driver’s top priority. The talented team at Extreme tires and auto repair performs expert brake repair services that keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

We stay on top of your vehicle’s braking system by performing timely inspections and efficient maintenance services. Knowledgeable techs providing preventive maintenance services is the key to enhancing your brake system performance.

Our team does not wait for your brakes to malfunction before providing the proper services, and you shouldn’t wait either. Stay ahead of any brake repair needs by having our brake repair experts identify any potential problems, and address them before they become dangerous. Let us prepare your vehicle for the approaching season. A change in weather and road conditions will have an effect on your vehicle’s brake pads and rotors. Pay attention to all your brake system’s warning signs, and bring them to us for inspection as soon as possible.

When drivers are able to recognize the warning signs, they’re able to be proactive with their brake services. Bringing your vehicle to our repair facility before it’s too late will protect you, your passengers, and your braking system.


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